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Shizen Series

• Low & No-VOC

Green, earth friendly, sustainable, all terms we see and hear a lot of these days. What does "green" mean for a decorative finish? Do we have to compromise beauty or function to "go green"?

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2 Layered Kyoto

Broompatch Kyoto

Broompatch Pataan

Channeled Kyoto

Copper Kyoto

Embossed Pataan

Koruku (Cork)

Koruku (Cork)

Embedded Kyoto

Embedded Kyoto

Broomed Kai (detail)

Broomed Kai

Metallic Kai

Metallic Plaster

Plaster w/Graphics

Metallic Washboard

Organic Kyoto

Traditional Kai

Random Pataan

Random Patch

Random Patch

Rough-Sawn Limestone

Smooth-Trowel Pataan

Pataan & Warasusa

American Clay Plaster

• 100% non-toxic, no VOCs
• Resists mold
• "Breathes" with changes in temperature and humidity
• Repells dust
• Non-fading
• 40 colors, unlimited combinations.
• Manufactured in USA using low amounts of energy
visit www.americanclay.com for more information.

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