ABOUT The Artist ~ Candice Simpson

Candice Simpson grew up and currently resides just north of Minneapolis MN. Her fascination with the effects of paint and color began in childhood when she made her first "glaze" from Elmer's glue and model paint to embellish the landscape rocks in her front yard.

In 2000 Candice began her career as a professional texture artist and started her company Textural Hues the following year. She has studied under many master artisans, including Michel Nadai, Best Craftsman of France.

It's with this background that Candice expores using various plasters, glazes, and acrylic paints on walls, furniture and canvas, creating her unique style of art. The unusual look and texture of her work comes from the various plasters (shell, cork, Venetian, etc.) she chooses as well as the use of trowels ranging from 9 inches to 1/2 inch in size. Over the last decade she has undertaken a diverse range of projects and is always up for the next challenge!

Because of her love for the earth and a desire for personal well being, she constantly strives to incorporate healthier, green, sustainable medium and practices into her work.

My Studio:
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